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20190310 - 2019-0312 | Snowpig Classic | Downstream Cataract with side to Upper Cataract creek falls | w/ David, Peter, Konrad

Our annual foray into the wilds of late winter.

All of Feb and a good chunk of March was a DEEP FREEZE so this actually the first weekend that we could have done this even though it was planned for months. Looking back this has happened before, heading out right at the end of a cold snap. In fact it was -20 at the truck and just kept warming from there. Genius.

Much anticipated, the basic formula is a +-4-5 km snowshoe buried under a too heavy pack, build a camp (tents, firepit kitchen area, wood processing area) then forage for firewood until dusk when we do a shared meal. The content of the shared meal is discussed over numerous hikes over the preceding season and this year we decided on chicken wings. Shannon asks “What do you talk about on hikes” “Lots of stuff – we talk quite a bit about food actually” lol. Peter brought a basket to house the wings and being pre-cooked they required a thorough warming and then the fire added a nice toastyness. I ate too much having also consumed potato chips and pimento dip, a baked potato, baggie of carrots and celery and other goodies that were passed around. Burp.

Day two we departed after breakfast for a side-trip to Upper Cataract Creek falls. Care must be taken near the edges as the falls are approached from above and the rocks are snow and ice covered. Returning into the comparably warm wind with our faces to the sun was quite pleasant. The balance of the day was spent foraging for evening firewood and with four of us beavering we accumulated a generous stockpile. Evening night two for me was more grazing. Shopping for supplies I was thinking “It’s not Snowpig without bacon” then I saw pineapple on sale… an idea was born. Pineapple bacon skewers! I highly recommend it if you have the means. Roasted garlic, bursa cheese, Newfoundland spirits, Bad Duck caramel, and assorted treats. We just keep raising the bar! The wind was up and shifting so the fireside wasn’t quite as chill as it could have been but most enjoyable regardless.

Day three is basically up and breakfast, pack up and hike out. Overcast, gentle snow and calm contrasted with the start of the trip. Burgers and a brew in Longview capped off a very successful trip. Until next year gentlemen, cheers!
Fat pack.  "What's in the box?"Konrad, Peter, David heading down the creekThanks Konrad!Firemaster surveys his domainDavid and Peter processing firewoodFireside barPatagonia ad. (there must be money in this somewhere?)Wings and sides - aaaaand - the camera is set aside for the evening.Day 2 sidetrip down to Upper FallsLooking downstream Cataract from top of the fallsUpper Cataract Creek fallsUpper Cataract Creek falls aka "Titan Falls"Looking down at the plunge poolCreekside AirB&B - cheep cheep winter ratesPeter and Konrad approaching the top of the iceflowL>R David, Peter, Clayton, Konrad.  Who's better than us?Water flowing under this somehowDavid goes as far as is prudentRetrace our stepsElevenses