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Created 21-May-13
Modified 26-May-13
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2013-05-20 | Forgetmenot Ridge | 2330m | 18.4 km | 868m rolling gain.

Solo outing to work out the gumby stumbly winter legs. Wildlife : lots of birds (LBJ's etc), grouse, pika, marmot. Not bad views for a shoulder season hike and decent amount of elevation to blow out the bottom of the lungs.
Forgetmenot pond with Forgetmenot ridge behindView from the "pink bridge"Shallow ford, pretty manageable right nowMale Blue Grouse on the makeMale Blue Grouse, not appreciating my presence muchBanded PeakLittle rubble step to gain the higher portion of the ridgeWillowy bog in a low areaPrairie crocusView west down the Elbow river headwatersNahahi ridge - my other consideration for the day.PikaAs I approached the cairn it moved.  The marmot was sleeping right on top.Safely in the rockLooking back the way I cameMoose mountain and Prairie mountainPrairie Crocus360 from a highpoint =>=>