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2022-06-11 | Spades Clubs Poker Maverick | 17.2 km but my GPS threw numbers (to be determined) | w/ Peter, Konrad, Chelsey, Leia, Mitko

An outing to the Castle Wilderness with a variable forecast but overall the spits of rain and wind were sufficently offset by sun to call the weather choice a win. We started with a simple ascent of Spades via an old road and then dirt/grass trail. A drop off the north end thru some bush (minor) and another road to the final push up to Clubs where we had a snack and took in the views including a rainbow. We retuned to the cars for another break.

Only occasionally do we have two routes from the same trailhead, but soon we were off again to climb Poker and then an fine ridgewalk across to Maverick - my favorite part of the day. Mitko was starting to feel some knee pain by then, so we rested for a bit on Maverick before dropping to a col and then to road for a bit of a trudge back to the trailhead. Fun day, lots of flowers and snag trees. Poker and Maverick I'd do again.
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