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Created 21-Jan-18
Modified 21-Jan-18
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2018-01-14 | Waterton, Wishbone trail (snowshoe) | 1329m max | 1289m TH | 10.1 km | 186m TA | w/ Shannon

Got to the park gate and discovered that most areas are still closed after the fire. The attendant directed us to Wishbone trail for snowshoeing but first we poked around the shuttered Prince of Wales hotel, stopped at Cameron Falls before heading the trailhead which is actually outside the park gates. Trail gently undulates along the south side of the drainage from the lakes thru mostly aspen forest and open meadows. Some signs of fire but other bits seemed to have been spared. We set our turnaround at around 5km where the trail dipped toward the distance lake and had lunch there before returning.

After the hike we went back to the townsite to photograph some of the frozen waves along the lakeshore and then a few other spots as we worked our way out of the park. We were treated to a very showy sky on the drive home and saw a ridiculous number of deer.
Waterton lake from the hill by the Prince of Wales hotelWaterton lake from the hill by the Prince of Wales hotelPrince of Wales hotel.What's left of the Visitor CentreCameron falls (tough lighting, half in shade)Only a couple hotels open, the rest of the town pretty much looks like thisWe arrive at Wishbone trail and we spook a couple of whitetail deer up ahead of us.WishboneSome charred aspenspart of a burnI hear laughing and look back "I was fixing my hair"Snowshoe bunnyAspensPartial burnPartial burnOut near the start of the Wishbone trailWaterton lakeWaterton lakeFrozen wavesLooks a little like a dragon