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Created 12-Oct-20
Modified 8-Nov-20
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2020.10.01 | Lake O’Hara / Mt Schaffer | 2692 max | 1608 TH | 30.6km | 1145 TA | w/ Mike & Eric

Soul refreshing trifecta: A mid week day hiking with my boys. In larch season. To Lake O’Hara. Beat that!!

Covid-19 protocol at Lake O’Hara means no buses running, the lodge is closed, and the much coveted campground spots accessible only by hiking 11km of gravel road. So, that and being midweek, meant almost solitude. Parks was working on the road so some equipment and dump trucks had to be endured on the hike in, plus the aroma of fresh cold mix. Small price to pay to reach a premier mountain spot. We hiked up past the Le-Relais shelter to Schaffer Lake and ascended Mt Schaffer from the north side then after a break descended to larch spotted shore of deep blue Lake McArthur. The sun was well timed for this particular spot. The return trip past Big Larches and the Devils rock pile and then to the shores of Lake O’Hara for some rock skipping and a final break before the 12km trudge out. A visit to Opabin prospect was on the ‘list’ but we decided not to return home past midnight!

This is a long and committing day (3hrs driving each way, 24km of road hiking) and I always swear I’ll never do it again. But I know I will. See first line ;>)
Eric on the shoulder of Mt SchafferEric on the shoulder of Mt SchafferMikeMIke supervising Eric and his bag of boiled eggsMcArthur LakeMcArthur Lake panoClimbing Mt SchafferOn the Ridge of Mt SchafferLake McArthurEric now consuming eggs in some MacDonalds formatneat cloudsOn more or less the summit of SchafferPano from SchafferMcArthur LakePuffy MikePuffy EricLarch spottingDown to lake McArthurBest larch of the day