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Created 12-Sep-13
Modified 12-Sep-13
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So, climb into an industrial washing machine with a bucket of rocks, 100 lbs of mud, some sharp tools and turn it on... that's been my summer. And that's my excuse for neglecting certain things and chewing the heads off a few people (who dearly deserved it - but I digress)

If you are coming here to see what I've been up to, I HAVE hiked (Cirque peak with Eric and buds, Chilkoot and Kluane, again with Eric and buds) and have a couple upcoming trips planned. I've also been working 12-16 hrs a day plus evenings and weekends landscaping, ripping and tearing, building, along with some occasional paperwork and coordinating trades / insurance. Never a dull moment. An hours sleep and a cup of coffee and it's all good.

Am I doing ok... hell yes. I just feel like this bear most of the time. And occasionally like I've been hit by a truck.

Photos of all this to come. Eventually. Wait for it!
Summing up summer of 2013