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Created 23-May-21
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2021-05-16 | Junction Hill | 2244 max | 1529 TH | 10.6 km | 916 TA | w/ Shannon

A repeat of one I’ve done several times previously, always in the spring. A full work week including Saturday and bbq right after left no time to research something else and I thought it was a little less elevation, oh well, Shannon gets closer to her goal I guess! It’s a route with a bit of up and down and even with the increasing popularity and a trail in places it still leaves some route finding and lots of rocks to trip on.

Discussing after with Peter he said “Oh, that’s where your pet grouse are”…. Lol. Yes, we saw four males on the day and heard a fifth. They seem to like the ridges this time of year for their mating displays. I seldom see one out of this season. They do like to ‘put on the ritz’ though.

Another cool find was while shooting a flower, a Snowberry clearwing moth landing right in it. Hemaris diffinis. It was fast and my lens is slow so not the shot I was hoping for but still cool.

As the day wore on it got quite hot. How convenient that I hadn’t removed the beer cooler from the car that we had from the night before at Mike and Becky’s. The river was painfully cold for a very short wade, but nice after the sweaty boots to sit and chill for a bit before heading home.
Mist Mountain in the distancePrairie CrocusPrairie CrocusIt was a good day for bonesOne of several Dusky Grouse (a variant of Blue Grouse) we saw on the dayA Phoon!  That's my move!Low frequency calls usually alert me to their presenceIt would seem the girls in these parts go for the fluffy buttsIf you're blue and you don't know where to go to Why don't you go where fashion sits? Puttin' on the ritzDifferent types who wear a day coat, pants with stripes And cutaway coat, perfect fits Puttin' on the ritzDressed up like a million dollar trooper Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)  ~TacoOk, a close up and clear off!Telephoto of a Prairie Crocus - and ZOOM!Snowberry Clearwing. Hemaris diffinisIt didn't stick around long... certainly not long enough for a in focus shot!The original intentPtarmigan I thinkFemale grouse I think, feet aren't fuzzy enough for Ptarmigan ???Westerly view from Junction HillShannon almost there