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Created 21-Oct-20
Modified 26-Oct-20
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2020.10.17 | Link Hill (Praire Creek & Powderface loop) | 2004 max | 1518 TH | 15.5km | 742 TA | w/ Peter & David

Winter sometimes comes early and hard – this seems to be one of those years. This route kept us low and in the trees, even to the summit of a minor knob christened “Link Hill” as it is off of the “Prairie Link connector”. The newly fallen snow stuck to all trees made for some unusually pretty scenes in the otherwise monothetic pine forests. Once at Prairie Creeks we recced a possible spot for a future trip and had some fun feeding a little group of Gray Jays aka Whiskey Jacks. Peter and David both had cookies out on a break and they didn’t mind sharing with these birds. Peter had to add a glove to his hand finding their claws unpleasantly sharp. David referred to this as his “Snow White moment” lol. Despite the relatively modest distance I was feeling the effects the next day of every step having a skid or slide in it.
GPS overlaid onto Google EarthSnowy pine forest (IG)Gray Jays (IG)Gray Jay (feather spud) (IG)Peter and cookie friendDavid & cookie friendsThe showdown...Prairie Creek