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2021-07-03 | Mt Haffner | 2539 max | 1435 TH | 11.3km | 1574 TA | Peter & David

Full credit to Peter for this route, utilizing the avy slope approach to Vermillion peak and then traverse a minor saddle to then summit Mt Haffner. Cresting the first rise on Hwy 93 a large black bear decided to briefly play chicken – always a good start to see a bear! The first leg of the journey was some significant fallen timber to scootch across. The Vermillion burn of 2003 is responsible for that. Higher up many of the long dead trees are still standing 18 years later. Silvery grey wood of the pines. The avy slope was BC-side-of-the-divide lush with lots of flowers and insects. Part way up the open avy slope we came across a significant and very fresh mud (mud, rocks etc) slide that had come all the way from the base of a large rock face on Vermillion peak. Some had the consistency of wet cement while the bottom of the ‘trough’ was as hard as a rock. Varying from traveling on the vegetation, soft slide material, and trough got us to the higher alpine for a traverse. I took advantage of every patch of old snow to make neck burritos out of my bandana. 4 litres of water on the day ran out steps from the car – good management? Two more on the drive back and still wasn’t fully topped back up yet. This heat dome and having to work out in it earlier in the week had some residual dehydration that seemed to carry over several days. Once across to the shoulder of Vermillion our objective came into sight with about 150m of drop across a saddle and then some easy scrambling to the summit. The saddle was nicely vegetated with more flowers and striking silver pines. Stepping over some deadfall weaving in and out. An extended stay on the summit with our flags to commemorate Canada day before retracing our steps to the trucks.
4Runner in its natural habitatWhite Woman's InstagramDavid, get a room"I'll call you later"Avy slope goodnessFireweed - an excuse for stoppingSwallowtail butterflySwallowtail butterflyThimbleberry flowers galoreGaillardiaThimbletowncool mothy thingthe mudslide, nothing like the drink based on Peter's description of ingredients.Looking back down the avy.Avy slide path mud troughArnicaArnicaHeather with a viewLady's and Gentlemen... THE BEATLES !!!The Rockwall framed between two larch.  Pause and contemplate the glory.