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Created 23-Dec-13
Modified 23-Dec-13
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2013-12-23 | Prairie Mountain | 2222m | 7.4km | 740m rolling gain

Time up: 1:19
Total (including breaks) 2:21

Good trail, well packed with minor drifts along the summit ridge. Brief stop at top to chat with Alan & his friend. Something told me I might find him there doing his 'pre-turkey burn'. - cold and windy at the summit, +2 at the base.

Nice five hour break in the middle of a work day - too bad I can't do this every day! Of course nearly getting wiped out at 22 & 66 isn't something I'd like to repeat. Car pulled out on me at the stop sign and in missing him (and a transport and others) went partially into the ditch. Some digging and 4x4ing and back on the asphalt none the worse for wear but left some tremendous skid marks in the slush! Something tells me those two boys will be looking both ways a couple times at stop signs for a little while.

Good day up an old friend - feel the burn!
Favorite little viewpoint part way up.  Banded peak obsured by some clouds.Windy view across the bald top toward the west.Little flag vibrating in the Chinook wind.Almost down again, looking across the Elbow River valley.