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My "fun" Photography & my Landscape Portfolio. Both perpetually a work in progress.

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Professionally I am a Landscape Designer / IT Manager for The Landscape Artist Inc. I hold a diploma in Horticulture (Landscape / Turf management) from Olds College & became a Certified Landscape Designer in 2008.  So there's the first third of my photography time - portfolio and marketing work.

The second third is my hiking/ skiing/ scrambling/ backpacking adventures with my camera.

The final third, which I never seem to have time for, is the processing.   Winter job!


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Wayne Austen(non-registered)
Allow me to be the first to say how impresssed I am with your portfolio. As a fellow shutter-bug I enjoy your composition & depth of field.
Thanks for showing me so many trails & adventures in our own back yard. You have inspired me.
Keep on trecking...
The guestbook is empty.