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2021-06-26 | Outlaw / Mt Cornwall | 2990 Cornwall, 2966 Outlaw | 1621 TH | 31.2 km bike, 14.4 km hike | 400 TA bike, 1400 TA scramble | w/ Peter

Big day - bike and hike/scramble. There are four big peaks on the Calgary skyline L-R Banded, Outlaw, Cornwall, Glasgow. Some hardy souls bag all four in one day. I took a somewhat more conservative approach – 2011, Banded and Outlaw (solo), 2014 Glasgow (with Eric and Peter), and today Outlaw twice (as it was the route) and the fourth peak in the set, Cornwall. The approach is longish with the first leg most efficiently dispatched via a fire road bike approach. This was most pleasant as the day was already warm, so rather than the usual cold hands and unpleasant splashes I arrived at the bike drop already sweaty. I was 99% sure of more water higher up so I drank well up to the point in the cirque for first lunchies where I stashed freshly treated water for the descent and added a litre to my bag – heading out at this point with 3 litres. All of that got used up and over Outlaw, across the saddle to Cornwall for a second lunch, and back to the water drop for a third lunchy break. Peter was concerned that he hadn’t accounted for all the elevation for out timing with it being around 2pm at Cornwall, but I guess I was feeling a bit more energized than usual so we pulled off the whole route in around 13.5 hrs. I was pleased with my biking, although fatigue and lack of confidence had me walking a cobbly hill I’d hoped to ride at least part way down. A pretty small concession in the grand scheme of things. It was a great day, both for finishing the set and for how the aging body is adapting this year a few pounds leaner than the last couple.
The four peaks in question from a scenic point on hwy 22.No bike pics.... onwards into the cirque below Outlaw and Bandedmeltwater flowing on an already hot day.up up uppretty excuse for stoppingFrank enjoyed his trip to Florida, but unfortunately wasn't told it was also shark week.Banded and the cool formation below it.Smiles for milesAn early peak at Cornwall, Glasgow to the right.Bandedon the slopes of OutlawNearing the only real scrambly bitPeter on some slow loose rockSpiresClimbed here on purposeFor this shot!From ridge of Outlawfrom ridge of OutlawEasy if staying on routeView across to Cornwall from the summit of Outlaw