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Created 25-Jul-20
Modified 12-Nov-20
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2020.07.18 | McGillivray Ridge and Ma Butte | 2372 Max | 1778 TH | 14.2 km | 1173 TA| w/ Peter, Konrad, Chelsea, Princess Leia

Off to the Crowsnest area for today’s Super Saturday. Lush meadows of wildflowers including lupines provided distraction to grind out the approach but once on the ridge proper views improved considerably. McGillivray Ridge had some lichen covered rock that required close inspection but offered no difficulties. The traverse to Ma Butte required a 150m or so drop in elevation but we were soon in front row seats looking toward Crowsnest Mountain and the Seven Sisters. Konrad lugged up a beer for everyone which went down super well but significantly demotivated me to gain the elevation back to the ridge for the return trip. My brain hard wired to recognize beer as the finish line. Lol. Great day out with some good company and with only a handful of other hikers blissfully free of the tyranny that has been descending on more popular/accessible mountainy places.
LupinesLupinesOn McGillivray RidgeCrowsnest Mountain to the westShare, share, share,Ma ButteKonrad's treat!View from Ma ButtePanoramaGPS overlaid onto Google Earth