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Created 4-Jun-17
Modified 4-Jun-17
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20170603 | Isola & Monad Peaks | 2497m Isola | 2554m Monad | 1714m TH | 23.8km | 1876m TA | w/ Eric and Peter

Super Saturday season opener!

Day starting with a cold ford of the Livingstone River where, on the far bank, I found that I had left my insoles in my runners in the truck. Boooo. Forged on without them. Logging road then cutblock, then fairly open forest, we were soon on the summit of Isola Peak. Due to its isolated position it provides decent views. Dropping off the far side we eventually had to cross more dense forest with isothermic semi-supportive snow up to and beyond knee deep at times. The final push to the summit for me was a grunt ending with an unnecessary scramble of a rockband made harder than it needed to be by rotten waist deep snow. Ridge was windy but nice views. Dropped off for second lunch and bear banger testing along a logging road. A bit more bush (detour) and follow the crappy hard road out to the river (saw a little black bear) one last ford and achieved the truck sore and bloody but intact. Bit aggressive for a season opener but also a good test and punishment for being a slacker.
Truck says +1.  thigh deep.  yupCrossing the Livingstone river.  Peter looks very focused on that far bank.Booted up (sans insoles grrrr) we cross a secondary creek on a log.Logs stacked in an ugly cutblock we accessed thruSunny relatively easy bush push.  compared with what was to comeA cow elk eyes us warily before boltingWood stuffed in the Isola peak summit cairnView NE - I like the cloud better than the cutblocksMonad on the skyline (next objective) we descend.Eric scrambling a little cliff bandGlissade!Brief bum slideFun until it became somewhat unsupportiveCrossing a old cutblockshoot'n flowersGlacier lilySuffering break.  New larch buds on the climb up MonadLots of this until the skyline was achievedLooking back at IsolaThis slope, we hates it.