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Created 8-Sep-15
Modified 10-Sep-15
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2015-09-08 | Picklejar Lakes | 2237m* |TH 1731m | 9.8km | 738m gain*
(*includes a little climb to a highpoint at the pass) (all stats likely a little skewed due to pace)

Early September snow made for some slow climbing and slippery sliding on this trail. Lunch at the first lake and three of us extended to the overlook of the second lake. Group included a couple young hikers who perhaps didn't appreciate the snow in their shoes overly much until it became a ride on the way back. Great day to be in the hills.
Forward toward the pass.  No snow at the lower elevations, not even fall color yet.View to the westLooking back west as the group takes a breakPicklejar creekPicklejar creekWe drop to the creek....... only to climb back up and around again (avoiding bushwhackery)First PicklejarL->R  Clayton, Mark, Laine, Susan, Dawn, Malik, AndreaSecond Pickle & turn around point.Route to Junction side comes down one of these draws.Back at first PickleFirst Pickle from my high-point sidetrip.