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Created 2-Jul-18
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2018-06-30 | Buller Pass Peak (unofficial) | 2713m | 1808m TH | 19.0 km | 1243m TA | w/ Peter and David

We watched the weather forecasts like hawks leading into this weekend as the weather systems overall were very unsettled. This route fit the bill nicely as it had the chance for an extension if the weather held but the high point came early in the day.

The trail goes up thru a controlled burn from a few years ago and short of South Buller Pass we ascended the south facing scree slopes of Buller Pass Peak. There is another adjacent peak similar in nature that also deserves this name - so Buller Pass Peak or Buller Creek Peak - as you please.

From the top we had a great view of the surrounding area and enjoyed a short break. From there we reached an accord to circumnavigate around the east side of these two peaks via south and then north Buller passes. Some of the best scenery of the day was on the east side with views out over Ribbon lake environs, a possible future backpacking route.

Once over some lingering snowfields we descended the valley from North Buller Pass back to our starting point. Given the possible weather, we'll call this a win - Happy (almost) Canada Day!
A lovely falls on the trail inThe main approach trail thru the burnSomeone made a cool sign for the junctionDavid decided to try and crawl thru a gap under this large boulderAnother waterfall in the alpine now.Looking across at South Buller passI am still on the summit proper, David and Peter traverse to the other summit only 1 meter lower.Long view and cool cloudsDavid on the second summitA strange dance went with this poseSummit shotHappy (almost) Canada Day!David and Peter scope out routes and landmarksThe tip of the Spray reservoir to the westWe met a pair of scramblers who had their eye on this peak unoffically named "Lillian Peak" - looks sketchy from hereGuinns pass to the right, Ribbon Lake in the valleyForgetmenotsNow on the east side of North Buller pass we encounter a lingering snowfield, but nothing insurmountable or dangerousLeft side high for too long.... Hummmm!