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Created 1-May-16
Modified 1-May-16
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2016.04.30 | Foran Grade / Windy Point Ridge | 1447TH 1757 max | 13.1km | 463 gain.

First hike with Shannon in a while (she says three years) and both of us on new boots. Headed in on the closed hwy 546 west of Turner Valley and started the day with the gently rolling Foran Grade. Shannon was up for a bit more of a challenge so we went off trail for a bit to gain Windy Point Ridge for a late lunch and then down the SW side to the road / trail along the river to return to the truck.

Saw two Blue Grouse (aka Dusky Grouse) males on the ridge making their mating displays and low frequency calls with the freaky looking air sacks on their chests. For whatever reason I often find them at this time of year in such locations - the two of them were only a couple hundred meters apart but no sign of their mates.

Kind of an overcast day but mild and no blisters or boot trouble so we'll call it a win.
View west over part of Windy Point Ridge from Foran Grade trailOff trail up the east side of Windy Point RidgeLittle deer shedPart of the ridge is treed - but good views to the westThey callComing down off the high point of the ridgeBlue grouse maleEnough of this and your silly noisesBlue grouse male and his eyebrowsSquaring off with me but always with trees in the wayBlue grouse maleBuffalo beansChartreuse of the new aspen leavesNew aspen leavesWeird bulgy aspenLooking back on part of our traverse of Windy Point Ridge