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Created 14-Oct-12
Modified 14-Oct-12
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2012-10-13 | Little Arethusa | 2769m | 4.7km | 758m rolling gain.

Both Peter and I had plans for later so a short one was in order. The starting point for this one is just south of Highwood Pass, so a high elevation starting point. No fooling around, this one climbs steady thru the trees (found a larch or two!!) then up scree to the final bit of slightly exposed ridge.

It was a cool start, but not too bad, although the gusty wind and blowing snow added to the ambiance with the very photogenic clouds. Followed fairly fresh wolf tracks up into the cirque but as expected no visuals.
Alpenglo on Little Arethusa from the parking spot.Looking south down the valley from the staring spot.  Mixed bag of weather.Wolf tracksWolf tracksIts beginning to look a lot like winter!Found a few larch on their last legs.The upper part of Arethusa cirque.Storm Mountain with it's cool folds.We climbed in the shelter of this outcropping but occasionally the wind would shift making things a touch unpleasant.Elevation goes on quick for some longer views.Cool cloudsThru a notch toward Mount ArethusaAlmost to the summit, happy the sun broke thru.Across the connecting ridge to Mount ArethusaMarmota horribilis in its late fall plumage.Yours truly on the summit with the Wile E. Coyote rock.