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2012-06-02 | Volcano Ridge / Surveyors Ridge / Mt Ware | Surv Rdg 2180 | Mt. Ware 2124 | 26.3km | rolling gain 1370 |

Super Saturday season opener with Peter and Megan returning to a perennial favourite (Volcano Ridge) with a new twist – a grand loop encompassing Volcano Ridge, Surveyors Ridge, & Mt Ware.

Route begins at Gorge Creek parking lot, then counter clockwise onto the Volcano Ridge loop, Gorge Link Trail to Link Creek trail. At that highpoint we opted not to continue the extra 4.8km round trip to the Volcano Ridge highpoint, instead scrambled the outcropping to the south for a snack. Dubbing this the 'apple spot' for later reference. This gave us a view of the assorted cutlines we would have to navigate to attain Surveyors Ridge. Some minor bushwhackery and snow drift hopping took us the the highpoint for the day on Surveyors Ridge. Here we had some minor shower activity so we pressed on over several highpoints before taking refuge in the pines for lunch. Shortly after the rain gave way to a breeze and sun.

After a drop into a valley we ascended Mt Ware via the north west approach which was a bit loose and rubbley but not as bad as looked from a distance. Great views of Mt Rose, Bluerock Mountain, & Threepoint Mountain in the range to the west. Sheltered by the summit cairn we got a short boots off nap in and Megan made friends with the local ground squirrel.

Return trip was nice in the sun, and we found our only tick of the day on Megan just below Mt. Ware – we had been watching for ticks all day which is an nuisance because every twig or tickle feels like a tick. Gorge Creek trail follows the creek and except for some gratuitous gains of 30-40m followed by the immediate loss of same it is quite pleasant along the creek. A great season opener whipping me into shape (no major muscles sore, but many little ones like shins, ankles, hip flexor, & shoulder – all stuff I apparently haven't been using lately)
Sunrise south of Black DiamondAlpen glow on the cloudsGreat Grey OwlRemains of an elk on the far side of the creek made me nervous but no fresh signs of bearElk rubsElk rubsFirst view of Volcano Ridge highpointNub at the trail highpoint on Link Creek Trail. "apple spot"Calgary from 'apple spot'Snowy peaks to the west from 'apple spot'Shooting Star - we saw many along the routeChecking out the various cutline we would need to reach Surveyors Ridge (green/brown on the skyline)CutlineThe worst of the drift hoppingPeter and Megan on the highpoint of Surveyors RidgeLooking back at 'apple spot'Coming off the highpoint to a col before climbing againNot sure what this is... purdy flowersMegan and Mt. Ware (centre right) - looks easy except for all the loss and gain in between!Megan checking out a 'bear cave' and describing all the bears she is seeing.