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2022-07-09 | Centre Peak of Hawk Ridge | w/ Peter and David

Kootenay Highway and day one of my week off! Our objective was actually the higher and more distant Haiduk peak with Hawk as the second option based on our assessment from Honeymoon Pass for snow conditions. Most don’t attempt Haiduk until August for this reason, and we are coming off a big snow year and cool wet spring. The trail to Honeymoon pass isn’t heavily used and had some downed trees and lots of wet vegetation to contend with. David broke trail and even coming third was unpleasantly wet. The trail had relatively recently been cleared of downed tree though so we made decent time to where we could see Haiduk. It was apparent from the pass that Haiduk would require some steep snow travel and more in my mind was how far away and much elevation remained to attempt. We opted for our plan B, everyone happy with that decision perhaps all for different reasons. This was an easy but interesting scramble with a little bit of ridge to walk and some cool cornices off the ridge (not in play at all). After lunch on top we descended back to the main trail and out. Did a little rock inspection on the way down, in particular some very clear quartzite chunks. Also saw some interesting spiders, in particular David who seemed to be the spider-whisperer on this day.
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