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Created 29-Dec-20
Modified 29-Dec-20
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2020-12-28 | Sawmill (hwy 742) | 1828 max | 1828 TH | 9.1km | 293 TA | w/ Shannon

Lots of snow to play in here. From the Sawmill parking area went NW on High Rockies Trail which was lightly broken. At the junction with Graupel/HR/Wind chill we chose High Rockies – Wind Chill was not even broken recently. The next few junctions had posts but no signs, but we made it back SE on Whiteout and then Sun Cups to Snowdrift outer trail back to the truck. The snow was great and very few people, only had to pass a couple other parties.
High Rockies TrailBeats me why people think rabbits feet are lucky...Abdominal SnowmanShannonBoing boing boingLots of views to the westEven some blue skyLichen framing a difficult shot to exposeViews from Sun Cups - the trail I had my eye on.Wintery coverage everywhereThat hair though!A little open water in James Walker creekStrong formsHome run on Snowdrift