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2021-10-09 | Kent Ridge North | 2926m Max | 1842 TH | 8.8km | 1349 TA | w/ Peter & David

Peter has mentioned this one several times and figures prominently into some surrounding places we’ve been, notably Mt. Murray and Mt James Walker. For the lateness of the season it’s a high one, but not a long approach so fit nicely into our ‘make it home for dinner’ timeline, which I made with minutes to spare. The accent starts in the cluster of snowshoe trails in Sawmill but we got on the route that took us first to the Kent North Outlier, which was the opposite way from our intentions. It worked out well though and we were soon on the Outlier – I had no wish to linger with a cold wet back and cold fingers it was either keep moving or layer up. On the col between the outlier and the summit we were treated to a golden eagle riding the thermals above us. My finger was cold enough that I couldn’t feel the camera shutter, but I eventually managed to crack off a couple frames (more as a reminder than anything – it was still pretty high). I wound a little larch with a few needles left on the accent and David did a fine eulogy to the little guy. Perhaps he missed his calling? The summit has a majestic view of many surrounding peaks in all directions but a damn cold wind and the promise of a sunny valley lunch had us moving on in fairly short order. We contemplated why, when blood returns to frozen fingers, why is it so angry? Valley lunch was sublime with treats for Peter’s bday including some apple flavoured liquor/rum that David brought. The valley descent started out harmless enough but soon became shwacky with slippery fallen logs, slopes, rocks, little streams or mossy tree choked forest. Eventually we turned inland for a few hundred meters to regain the uptrack but not without a fall and a fight. There is supposed to be track thru there someplace. Lies. All good though, great day out and a Thanksgiving seafood feed thanks to Alison to end the day.