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2021-08-06 | Mt Wilcox

Up early at the Honeymoon Lake Campground with the hopes that some wind or other miracle had cleared some smoke. Quite the contrary, it was thicker than ever with a layer of ashy bit on the truck. Well, there was still a drive to do that might improve the situation. Overcast and smoke combined for a rather gloomy start up thru the trees and what should have been views out over towering peaks and icefields was often little more than shades of grey. Upwards regardless, this was a good morning to spend in my head. Some streams, wildflowers, and big rams were diversions from the rambling. The last leg is on side-sloping slabs and screeish gaps so had to be careful with the route finding. A stiff breeze met the brief summit stay and splats of cold rain soon followed slowing my descent as I carefully picked my way down the rapidly wetting rocks. The rest of the trip down was broken up with some off trail wildflower photography and then return to the truck to dry out and return to camp. Not my best day in the mountains but when you’re out there sometimes that’s what you do. Perhaps return for the promised views someday.
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