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Created 9-Jan-21
Modified 9-Jan-21
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20210108 | Sinnot Hill | 1549 max | 1383 TH | 10.1 km | 240 TA | w/ Shannon

Confusing to read about, straightforward once on the ground. K-country front-country. We parked on the 549 right at the junction with Gorge Creek Trail (gated in winter), and used the road bridge to cross Threepoint creek (mostly frozen) and picked up the 9999 trail by a little wellhead site & building. Road plowed to this point. East on 9999 until the end of the meadow, right (south), up the trail to a saddle, then left (SE) over one bump, drop a little, proceed to summit. Past the aspen with one dead branch and the place where George Pocaterra had a nap in 1953. Sorry… I digress. (bloody trail guides - like I could do better!). Trail was broken all the way but recent winds had drifted in places – so a variety of conditions. As we reached the summit we heard a wolf howl in the distance a few times, rather cool experience. After a lunch in the perfectly calm sun, we returned to the way we had come to meadow but kept on 9999 until it came to the corrals, then west on North Fork Traverse (I think, missing off my map) which skirted between Threepoint creek and Northfork Campground. Where we crossed Threepoint creek, just before the corrals, we found some cool feather-like frost formation on the creek. The photo moment of the day.
End of 9999, left toward Sinott HillSunburst in the aspensWesterly view from the first bumpSome kind of inversion holding in the smoke from a slash pile burn (private land to the east)Shannon overlooking the westerly view - Bluerock I think.Frost feathers on Three Point Creek.Frost feathersFrost feathersFrost feathersFrost feathersGaia map with our route overlaid