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Ohio Buckeye(Aesculus glabra):
A great prairie tree which deserves wider use. A dependable supply of large specimens available to the trade reduces their usefulness to our clients as they are slow growing and are somewhat difficult to transplant because of their tap root. Basically if we can’t source them we can’t use them but there are some available or if you are willing to wait for a smaller specimen to grow they are worth it.

Size & Characteristics: Ohio Buckeye mature at 5m (16’) wide by 8m (26’) tall. They form a round head of dense leaves that turn from green to yellow-orangey-red in the fall. They have a cream flower in June which sometimes produces a spike-covered fruit which encases a cherry sized dark shiny nut which resembles a deer’s eye, hence the common name. These nuts, incidentally, are poisonous.

Pests & Diseases: None of note
Ohio BuckeyeOhio Buckeye - flowersOhio BuckeyeOhio BuckeyeOhio BuckeyeOhio BuckeyeOhio BuckeyeOhio Buckeye - fall colorOhio Buckeye - fall color