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2021-08-04 | Maligne Lake paddle

Some years back we took a trip to Jasper and had our canoe along and paddled part way down Maligne lake. Boat tours go down the lake to Spirit Island, the iconic Jasper photo. So when casting about for something to do with the summer week off that would still allow some flex for Shannon to deal with Garry’s care put this one the front burner as the hinge for the week. Originally I had a two day window in the campsite bookings etc to manage this but reduced to one day – we got lucky with a calm albeit smokey morning. Loaded up with lunch and things we needed for the day we were underway on calm waters with a few hours before the tour boats start. They aren’t that bad and slow down to mitigate their wake but they are still a bit of a distraction – the only really bad thing you can say about this lake as the only other motorized craft is the parks ranger boat. A break to stretch part way and snack and we were soon thru the narrows and at the iconic Spirit Island. We pulled up on the gravel below the lookout leaving our boats as a tourist attraction. Between tours we had the spot to ourselves to enjoy. After a break here we toured further down the lake to a quiet gravelly beach for an extended lunch break and swim since it was becoming a rather hot day. The wind picked up a bit and the heat started to slow Shannon down a little but clouds and a cooling breeze soon refreshed even though it was a mild headwind. Stopping in Jasper for a pizza, we drove up to Pyramid Lake beach to enjoy and watch the sun set. Pretty happy this one worked out what with other less than ideal smoke/weather bookends. A return to camp someday maybe if we can luck out and get a lakeside campsite.
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