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Created 23-May-18
Modified 22-Jun-18
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2018-05-19 | Gunnery Mountain, Ridge West of Grass Pass | 2088m | 1482 TH | 10.1km | 820m TA | solo

A solo outing to a favorite area, but two totally new trails. Up the SW slopes of Gunnery, off the backside down into the Gunnery Creek drainage, then up to the ridge between Gunnery creek and Grass pass drainage - a dotted line shown on the map that goes all the way back to the highway and ends in a little bit of a scree run surprisingly enough. Return along the highway. Beauty day out with numerous grouse sightings, cool trees, and a couple new trails "discovered"
Sculptural old pine snagPrairie crocus with Mt Holy Cross behindMore old pines on the ridgeEnt treeHigh Rock Range peaking thruCairn on GunneryAnother beautiful pineGrouse male doing its spring mating display (one of four I saw on the day)Gunnery on the right and views all the way to the Divide.Overlooking the valley and the logging cutblock that was opened last winter.Native spiritual site.  These colorful strips of cloth are tied to trees and left to return to nature.New aspen leavesGunnery from the trudge back along the highwaySheep friends