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Created 19-Jan-17
Modified 19-Jan-17
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2017-01-15 | Cataract Creek (snowshoe) | 1663m | 10.5 km | 105m TA | w/Shannon

Snowshoe daytrip downstream on Cataract Creek from the snowmobile staging area beside Cataract creek campground. Was able to follow snowmobile/ski tracks to back of campground and then broke trail the rest of the way. Got to within 0.5km of the upper falls when we reached our turnaround time. Was getting pretty tired by then anyway. Good day out with Shannon who says she enjoyed the trip immensely.
Looking south up the creek.  Travelling adjacent to some moose tracksI kept trying to lose her but she always found me somehowTodays abstractTurn around point deep in the spruce forest where the valley starts to narrowShannon