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2011.09.10 | Banded Peak 2932m & Outlaw Peak 2959m | 42.6km (30.0 by bike) | 1778m gain

Why? Good question. Perhaps because I was foiled on even getting close earlier in the year with Scout/Ventures? Perhaps because it was a solo day with a massive high pressure system almost guaranteeing good weather? Perhaps because it was a really rotten week of work and pounding my carcass up a couple mountains would make me feel better? Or all of the above.

The approach is a fire road, a bit bumpy but totally doable on a bike even by a complete klutz like me. (Yes I walked down the ridiculously steep / loose hill after almost committing to it) After leaving the fire-road its a pleasant walk up the valley before reaching the col between Banded and Outlaw, each of which are more or less identical scree plods to a summit with great views. If choosing one I'd pick Outlaw. It is slightly higher and has a bit better view to the west. Banded, however, is an easily identified peak even from Calgary so if you want to point and say “Done that!” then Banded is your peak.

This is being written in November so I don't recall all the details. It appears it was rather hazy but it was a hot, four litre of water day. I enjoyed myself immensely and aside from two people on horses and a few other randoms around the trail-head area I had the place to myself. I wouldn't put this high on my list of places to return to unless I take it into my head to tackle the Banded/Outlaw/Cornwall/Glasgow traverse. Every time I add up the numbers on that one I talk myself out of it.
Leaving the bike and heading up the valley to the Banded-Outlaw col.Banded Peak not banded at all from this side... scree slog.OutlawBanded from a little rock thing at the colOn Banded with Outlaw on the left and Cornwall on the right.View SE from Banded.  Three Point, Rose, BluerockOutlawOutlaw from the col.BandedBandedCornwall from OutlawOutlaw still has one of the Centennial registersThe distictive form of Waka Nambe way over by Aster Lake.Ranges all the way to the divide and beyond.Banded PeakCornwall