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Created 19-Mar-10
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Siberian Larch(Larix siberica):
Larch are unique to the Calgary zone as one of few deciduous conifers but they generally take a backseat to the other conifers such as Spruce and Pine which provide winter evergreen texture. Larch make great contrast trees when combined with evergreens and are a good fast growing tree for acreages and larger sites where a greater variety of trees is desired.

Size & Characteristics: Siberian Larch mature at 4m (13’) wide by 12m (40’) tall. Larch are deciduous which means they shed their leaves in the fall. They have soft chartreuse needles that turn a brilliant yellow in the fall. This is perhaps their most prominent feature akin to the flowers on a flowering tree for show. Persistent cones provide some winter interest.

Pests & Diseases: None of note.
Siberian LarchSiberian LarchSiberian LarchSiberian LarchSiberian Larch