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Created 13-Aug-11
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2011-08-13 | Mist Mountain | 3138m | 11.8 km | 1350m gain

I’ve had my eye on this mountain even before I started scrambling as it is a big part of the skyline as you travel north on Hwy 40 coming out Longview way, my preferred route to these mountains when the road is open. It is an impressive peak and I was happy to connect with Peter on this day to tackle it. Rather than take Kane’s route which sounded a bit tougher we took a route described in Copelands book and although there is a bit of scree bash there was no necessary technical scrambling.

To avoid some scree as we approached the summit we ended up too far west on some slabs that became fins. I opted to traverse the fins partly because I need the practice down-climbing (it was not committing, a fall would hurt but nothing more) but Peter opted to decent and skirt around the fins resulting in +-250m of loose scree. We hates it, we hates it… I think I made the right choice; I was on the summit a good fifteen minutes before he appears. Treadmill scree is tiring to climb but fun to decent as we found on the way down!

The summit cairn was liberally scattered and I was only able to find a small scrap of one of the Centennial summit registers – hit by lightning perhaps? We spent a few minutes and chunked up a sizeable cairn, who knows how long it may stand.
Heavy dew at the parking 'meadow' on Hwy 40Odlum RidgeOutlier of Mist MntScree begins, but reasonable packed trailMy pet Clif bar... expiry date worn right off!Lot of fossils (some kind of coral)That-a-wayLooking down thru one of the gaps in the ridge fins