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Created 16-Jan-19
Modified 20-Jan-19
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2019-01-13 | Mirror Lake loop (Lake Louise) | 2034 max | 1752 TH | 8.5km | 324 TA | w/ Shannon

Not much snow in the front country, we head to Lake Louise as they had a recent dump. Parking near the Chateau we head thru camera alley and begin the climb to Mirror lake below the Big Beehive. Once we started climbing we only saw a few other parties making this the quietest visit to Lake Louise I've ever had. After lunch at Mirror Lake we too the summer horse trail past the barns and wound our way thru the tree down to where the dog sleds stage and then returned past Deer Lodge to the parking lot making a big circle around the Chateau. A great day out in a classic area of BNP in the middle of winter.
Shannon climbs toward Mirror LakeSome sun sneaking in thru the treesTrail map, out and back on 18, wiggle down to 6, past the dog sled staging up past Deer Lodge to prk2019-01-13 | Mirror Lake loop | 2034m | 1752 TH | 8.5km | 324m TA | w/ ShannonBig Beehive above Mirror LakeBeing mostly in the trees the little rays of sun were welcomeComing back up from the dogsled area toward the parking