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Created 30-Mar-10
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“Large” Poplar: (Populus spp.) If you have a very large lot or an acreage property then these trees come into play as this is where they are best suited. They are fast growing trees, very hardy, and make great windbreaks.

Size and Characteristics: Brooks #6 Poplar (Populus x ‘Brooks’) is one of the popular poplars for the Calgary zone. They mature at 12m (40’) wide by 20m (65’) tall so a little smaller than some of the older varieties like Northwest Poplar (Populus x ‘Northwest’) When used away from sidewalks and other high use areas the sticky buds that drop at leaf out aren’t so much of an issue. The leaves are typically large shiny green and fall color is typically golden yellow.

Pests and Diseases: None of any consequence.