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Created 30-Mar-10
Modified 23-Jan-13
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Tower Poplar: (Populus x canescens ‘Tower’) A narrow columnar tree well suited for vertical accent, privacy screens, and other smaller spaces. Can be used interchangeably with the Swedish Aspen in the landscape.

Size and Characteristics: Tower Poplar mature at approx 2m (6.5’) wide by 10m (32’) high. They grow quickly and often require very little pruning as they naturally grow in a columnar form. The branching is quite dense so even out of leaf they form a reasonable screen effect similar to the Swedish Aspen (depending on which source you choose to read) but in my experience get a bit wider and a bit taller. They are fast growing and in harsh winters have less ‘tip kill’ than their cousin. The leaves are more pointed and have a green top and a silvery green bottom. Fall color is primarily yellow and leaves are held well into the fall.

Pests and Diseases: None until recently. We are keeping an eye on incidents of Bronze Leaf Disease.