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Created 3-Mar-21
Modified 3-Mar-21
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2021-02-26 to 20201-02-28 | Cataract Creek winter camp | 5km to camp, 5 km side trip | w/ Jason

Upstream Cataract utilizing the snowmobile trail so we could bring sleds with some extra goodies. Jason beat me on the goodies category bringing a camp chair and a tripod grill but I think I brought more heavy food. I built a quinzee to sleep in but misjudged the snow depth and didn’t end up with a cold sink so it wasn’t as warm as usual. I did end up with some cool ice slabs to set up around the door. On night two I rigged up a plastic bag door to cut down on the drafts. Lots of sugary snow so the ceiling never really consolidated – so I’ve had better ones for sure! We had a nice sheltered spot in the trees for the kitchen fire area and not to far from water. We had all the wood we needed steps away with the biggest tree about a 30’ dead pine that provided a lot of firewood. Night one dinner was a Flatiron steak on the grill and foil pack of potatoes and veggies. A day two snowshoe took us past the trappers cabin and south a ways on a trail that would eventually lead to the GDT, but we returned to lunch and some more logging for the afternoon. I reprised bacon and fresh pineapple skewers as a desert after some of Jason’s top notch chorizo sausages as a main. A fun camp and a good chance to catch up with Jason as Covid has been killing the wing nights and other get togethers.
Mt Burke over my shoulder, sled in towWolf tracks, but as usual, no sightings.Jason crossing the fancy bridgeOur water sourceThe heart of winterAfter scoping camp we came back for our sleds.Levitating moose poopMy quinzeeRoom with a viewDinner fire - steak and foil pack veg.OmnomnomBy the trappers cabin - an older chevy truck where it doesn't belongJasonThe stuck truckTrappers cabin - pretty deluxe actuallyOur snowshoe turn around point - a creek gorge along the trail.Returning down the mostly frozen creek.Afternoon at the quinzeeA night of firewood stacked upA mouse thoroughly explored my camp - likely looking for dropped Kraft Dinner