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Flowering Pear: (Pyrus spp.)
Pears make a good addition to the landscape comparable to similar sized trees like crabs and cherries and are in the same family.

Size and Characteristics: Mature sizes vary with the cultivar but in general Pears will reach sizes of approx. 4-5 m (13’-16’) wide and 4-5 m (13-16’) tall. They flower in early spring (usually before crabapples) with white blossoms. They have a glossy green leaf, generally yellow fall color (depending on cultivar). Fruit production varies with cultivar. Some cultivars also have thorns.

Pests and Diseases: Relatively trouble free but may occasionally get fireblight. A disease that can be controlled if caught early.
Pear flowersYoung pear treeFruit forming, typical glossy leave characteristic.Pear fall colorPear fall colorPear fruit (this cultivar has a round fruit)Pear fruit