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Created 27-Nov-20
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2020-11-27 | Missinglink Mountain | 1938 max | 1566 TH | 8.5km | 669 TA | w/ Shannon

Bennies at the Chuckwagon Café in Turner Valley to start. Being a Friday, not as busy as my last visit and seemed have more locals being greeted by name than us ‘tourists’. “Pie to go?” pretty tempting. A leisurely drive, stopping to watch the sheep for a bit. The rams carefully attending to their groups of females. The trailhead we chose was just along Gorge Creek trail below Missinglink, but we didn’t really follow a trail up, more just the grassy slopes and then up a weakness in the cliff band. Once on top a recently tracked trail lead to the windy summit. Views to the west, especially Bluerock, in the sun which become a little more overcast as the day progressed. Tea and an unnecessary snack at the top in the shelter of some trees before returning. We went past where we came up, going off the south end toward the creek for the only tricky footing of the day – the steep slope thru some aspens. Stopping at Windy Point on the way back and a short hike up that trail netted some good sheep photos as a ram and lone female were alternately grazing and posing in an aspen grove there. Good day out considering the lateness of the season for hiking.
View from Gorge Creek Trail, up thru the grass and aspensBluerock on the horizon, Shannon climbs the slopes of MissingLinkA brute of a pine that feel a long time agoFrom the top of the ridgeBig sandstone outcroppingI think this might be from Dot Mountain (unofficial name)Cairn on Missing Link MountainShannon with Volcano ridge beyondCairn artBluerock MountainAspens and the low angle  hazy sunA pair of Bighorn sheep near Windy Point on the drive outFemale looking for an opportunity to shake her suitorShe kept an eye on me too, pretty aware of their surroundings.The pair.  He'd let her lay down for a bit and then get her to move againA little grazingJust before trying to escape again