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Created 9-Nov-17
Modified 9-Nov-17
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2017-11-09 | Moosequest | 1424m | 1352m TH | 5.0km | 151m TA | w/ Jason

Invited to go 'hunting' - and for the record I was not technically hunting because I was not allowed (by regulations) to do anything to "assist in the hunt", like push bush etc, but could help afterwards should it end with a kill. So I was along to observe and it allowed Jason to go in a little further than it would have been prudent for him to do alone. But really, it was a good chance to hang out and visit plus enjoy a day outside instead of grind down the pile I left on my desk.

Primary quarry was moose, of which we saw only tracks. Including fresh ones near the truck upon return. (Mentioning this here just for Jason's benefit in case he tries to forget). We saw one group of mule deer, several ravens and eagles and a pileated woodpecker. With temps around -10 and 8-12" of snow it was a touch on the wintery side. All in all a good day out.
Group of mule deer that eventually spooked at our presence.Jason spying on the mule deerI think Jason is in this photo somewhereSun came out occasionally but was mostly overcast - cool clouds to the westCreeping over a ridge to scope the valley on the other sideSide-hilling along a small lakeLand is a grazing lease with a mix of meadows or spruce/aspen forest.Pileated woodpecker