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2018-07-15 | Beauvais Lake | kayaking

Up early and on the water in calm conditions on one of my favorite lakes. This was a spot we used to bring the kids and canoe to fish for trout and I haven't been back for a while. The bird life was impressive. Osprey, Bald Eagle, Pelicans, Kingfisher, Loon, Grebe, Canada Goose, plus all sorts of little birds and ducks.

Balanced out the day with a visit to a friend on the outskirts of Waterton for lunch and then scope out some future possible paddling spots.
OspreyIs this an ad for Werner?OspreyBald EagleKingfisherCormorant drying offCormorantKingfishermirror clearWhat a settingIts not a big lake but lots of wildlife and some long viewsCormorantsThe extremely rare Canada goosePelicans.  I like to think this a group of young males with attitude ;>)Pelican gangShannon trying out the cool loading thingieYou can load people in and out of canoes and such here.  very coolMy kayak tied up for a pee break.  Great dock and launch facilities herePelican fly byNew Orleans is sinking and I don't want to swim