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Created 6-Feb-11
Modified 6-Feb-11
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Snowshoe trip in Stagleap Provincial Park, BC

January 29, 2011 | Ripple Ski Cabin | 1978m | 5.5km | 211m gain

An outing to the Ripple Ski Cabin with my brother-in-law, Bart. Bart used to work as a patroller in this area so knows it real well, in particular how to stay safe since the avalanche risk has been high of late. He also loaned me avy gear for the day even though we stayed in safe territory (you never know when you might need to help others).

There was a lot of snow in the area making the trees interesting to shoot. As you will see many of them were well suited to desaturated or creative processing.
BartMap in the Ripple Ski CabinCornice on the woodshedOn a clear day this is the view of Ripple Ridge from the cabinBart on the porch of the Ripple Ski cabinThree or four big steps down the outhouseTaking an alternate descent route thru the trees and deep powderOld-man's beard