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Created 8-May-15
Modified 9-May-15
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2015-05-03 | Death Valley Loop (Sheep River) | 1450m, 1545m Max | 7.4km | 184 rolling gain.

Slowing ramping up the hiking - this is a good early season starter. Not too many flowers yet but great views of Bluerock and its snow-capped neighbors.

Met an older gentleman on the trail new to the area who was confused by his trail guide and further confused by outdated / defaced trail signs. I helped him out as best I could as my map of the area is also outdated. Its sometimes frustrating country to navigate but you can't really get lost - just end up putting on some extra k's before you track down your ride.
Death Valley, where nearly everything gets shot atShiny new sign - the old ones don't show all the trailsBluerockClif bar - pretty darn close eh?Bluerock