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Created 8-Feb-12
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2012.02.05-2012.02.06 | Snowpig Classic (winter camp) | Cataract Creek | 4.0km one-way snowshoe/backpack plus sidetrips

My hiking buddy Peter has been doing a winter camp almost annually for several years now and after his descriptions I decided it needed a name, hence “Snowpig Classic”. Unlike the usual lightweight backpacking trips this one involves a good fire, treaty items, and generally kicking back instead of exerting oneself. This year I tagged along with Peter & Peter J. (they stayed an extra day).

Destination chosen for Cataract Creek where there was on average less than a foot of snow but open water in the creek makes life a lot easier as no need to melt snow for water. The falls made for a good short sidetrip on day two. This area sees little winter use and we were able to setup a great camp with ready access to standing dead trees for firewood.

My pack was a monster after adding a big fat sleeping bag, extra mat, swede saw, and other camp luxuries.

The first day we had perfect bluebird skies and after a chilly start it warmed up so we were cutting wood in shirt sleeves by the afternoon. Clouds rolled in late afternoon making for a warmer night but spoiling any chance of full moon with stars. We went for a snowshoe after dark anyway. Second day was overcast and snowing but clearing toward evening so hopefully they got some clear skies the second night.

Wildlife was mostly birds with two owls in the early morning hours keeping tabs on each other across the valley.

A great trip to break up the back half of winter.
Peter strikes off for a photo of the frostCrossing the flats of Cataract Creek beyond the campgroundPeter's old school snowshoesOpen water in a tributary of Cataract.Peter J. cutting firewoodCampsitePool bar is openFirepit / kitchenMaster firemakers handyworkThe woodlotClouds rolling in from the northMaxed out my fat and salt intake for the month.Morning snow