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Created 12-Jul-20
Modified 16-Nov-20
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20200711 | Twin Cairns (Sunshine Meadows) | 2559m Max | 1658m TH | 21.0 km | 1200m TA | w/ Peter

Gorgeous blue-bird day to hit up the environs above one of my favorite ski hills. Rolled at 4:30 for a 7:00am start time at the base of the Sunshine Village parking lot. It was gated with only access via work vehicles, on foot, or (as it turns out) bikes. Sigh! With C19 restrictions in the parks the gondola, buses, and all services suspended – this turned out to be a very good day to do this as a normally busy area was very quiet. Walking past signs warning of humanized wolves in the area (resulting also in some backcountry campsites being closed) we crushed the ski out / access road and were soon in the village. Excellent gravel tourist trails took us to Rock Isle lake for a snack before ascending the south slopes of Twin Cairns Ridge. Wind greeted us at the top where a marking divides BC and AB. We scouted places we’ve been and hope to go before traversing the ridge and back down to the meadows for a lunch break and nap. Good trails took us back to the base and then the hot gravel access road. On the way in and out we met a solo scrambler who did Eagle Mountain and Mt Howard Douglas. Our interest was peaked for Mt Howard Douglas. All in a very good day out with the crux being the fantastic drivers we shared the roads with on the drive home!
Peter nailed me with his creepy lip balm move from all the way across the parking lot.  Bastard.Sunshine looking weird with no snow.  Our objective is around and up behind thataway.Normally a touristy area - just a few stinky backpackers this morningRock Isle lake lookout point with some fancy benchesAnemone occidentalisAnemone occidentalisTourist ooo's and aaaahs's!!Slowly, many photo stopsLarch.  Green ones.  But LARCH!Glacier lilies!I laugh every time I see this photo.Views open up as we climbLeft foot in AB, Right in BC.  Tax free if you're quick about it.What is this? A visitor center for ants!?!Marmotus horribillis surveys his surroundingsLots to see, lots of places to future be, lots of good memoriesDown toward Rock Isle lake