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Created 21-Nov-20
Modified 21-Nov-20
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20201121 | Dyson Falls | 1662 max | 1567 TH | 9.6km | 294 Gain | w/ Shannon

This area is straight west of Turner Valley and starts at Indian Oils bridge over the Sheep river. Gently rolling trail to the falls on Dyson Creek and return for a +-3hr outing with lunch at the falls. Watching and photographing sheep in the sanctuary area on the way in and out adds to the day and a stop at a viewpoint. Good day out, but a fair number of cars and people out as well for an area that used to be pretty quiet this time of year.
Mostly they put their butts to me.  jerksNice curlThis pair were hanging out separate from most of the rest of the sheep in the area.Tiger Jaw fallsAlong the trailWhile eating lunch a nice whitetail buck came right thru on the scent of a doeChecked us out for a momentOnwards.Dyson fallsIce formationsIce formationsIce formationsGreen MountainDyson Falls.Along the trailTiger Jaw fallsLooking down the Sheep RiverIceIceSleepy Ram