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Created 19-Jul-21
Modified 11-Jan-22
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2021-07-10 | Red Ridge, Sparrowhawk Tarns | 2655m Max | 1744 TH | 14.2km | 1073 TA | w/ Peter & David

Early at the trailhead, I bombed down to check out the lake as I had never used this trailhead before. Upon returning I couldn't resist frightening David with a 'bear roar', which he said he was even expecting. lol. Peter was busy strapping Megan’s stuffie, Red, to his pack. Red Ridge, so Red (an orangutan) was our extra companion for the day. Naturally I began to devise a story with a slightly different spin – from Red’s perspective – as a kidnapping. Lol (wait for it)

The trail climbs thru the trees and across the High Rockies trail, then steps up the ridge with many wild flowers, views out over the Spray Lake and many other interesting excuses for stopping, snacking, napping. At the summit, another pink summit box, we had a leisurely lunch before rambling along the ridge a ways to confirm that we could drop to Sparrowhawk tarns. We decided to make the loop to the tarns but there wouldn’t be time to linger – and that environs does invite one to linger. Photos were many on the move as we wound down thru the alpine to treeline. We used a section of the High Rockies trail to reconnect to the start without having to trudge on the dusty road. Unclear as to whether Red enjoyed his day having spent most of it looking rather hung over.