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Created 14-Dec-11
Modified 14-Dec-11
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2011.12.14 | Prairie Mountain & west ridge loop | 2214m | 11.9km | 871m gain (solo)

Ȋyarhe wida tagichuwaga (Stoney for “Younger brother of island mountain”) sounds more exotic and more suiting for today. Over six weeks since I've done anything more physical than walk the dog... slacker!!

Ascent was uneventful except for the blood pounding in my ears and my glasses fogged up most of the way. With 700m of gain over 3.5km, this is a good winter workout and normally returned the same way. I wanted to try the west ridge descent route. Visibility at the top varied from 5-15m at best making route finding a little tricky as I had never gone that way before. Route description was clear but just cryptic enough to make this an adventure. Good day out escaping from things that go “ding”.
Considering it is a weekday, nice to know there are a few others on the mountain today.No long views but some interesting silhouettesApproaching the summit, a normally windswept part of the route.Summit cairn in the gloomTypical tree density on the descentGlade just before Prairie Creek trail.Elk rubsElk rubsDelicate ice/frost formations on Prairie CreekPrairie Creek trailLooking up the south ridge wondering about that route (not as easy as west ridge apparently)