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2022-07-02 | Racehorse Peak | w/ Peter

Our Canada Day hike for the year! Racehorse peak is accessed off the Alison Creek road in the Crowsnest area, so a bit of drive – almost as much driving as hiking, but in good company it passes quickly. The initial walk is on an old road used by the OHV crowd. We met a guy heading up a volunteer trail crew there. An old winter snow run-out blocked the road at one point and I opted to kickstep carefully across mostly for the practise. For what felt like a more foothilly area, the peak was quite blocky with an airy feeling of being on a true mountain at the top. Lots of wildflowers made good excuses for stopping. Flags up for Canada Day, spaghetti / ceasar salad wraps (weird I know, if it fits in a wrap it goes), and a short detour to Oldman Brewing for some Ephemeralla beer – which is really good! I had the one Peter gifted me along with Lionels Vinyls (CKUA) to complete the day. Cheers bud!
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