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2017-06-18 | Mt. Burke traverse North peak to South peak | 2500m North | 2541m South | 1674 TH |12.8km | 1431 TA | w/ Mike and Eric

Mt. Burke south peak has a panoramic view and I often see it from other points in Kananaskis. Mike had been here before with me when he was in Scouts (14 years ago?), first time for Eric. I've done the standard route three times previously, this was the first time for the traverse.

Fathers Day with my boys. Picked this route as it isn't far to drive and with an early start we were back for an early dinner so everyone could be on their way again to start the week.

Route starts out the back of the Cataract campground and for most of the way to treeline there wasn't much for trail. Two bits of flagging, animal trails, and relatively open forest got us to treeline. Traverse to north peak with some pretty flowers was straightforward enough but the wind was cold. We dropped out of the wind for a break. The traverse would have been better without the strong wind but the views were great. My left knee was singing so pace slowed - I cut them loose to go to the lookout on the south peak rather than waiting for me.

The lookout is slowly being reclaimed by nature but holding up better than one would expect. Since my first visit the summit also has some communications equipment that looks like a space ship by comparison. There is a good trail to the summit, the lower portion of which beelines for the trailhead but does roll a bit - much to the chagrin of my knee. Quite a few people were on that route that we passed on our way down. Good day out and great way to get caught up on the boys lives.
From just past the campground, north and south peak with the connecting ridge obscured by the treesAn open spot after gaining some elevationLooking across at the South Peak of BurkeForgetmenotsView across to Burke SouthMike trying an artsy shotShooting starsThe ridge approaching the north peak of BurkeMy colorful spawnSouth Peak of Burke at left, low cloud obscures the dividePause at the windy north summitA good look at any difficulties in the traverseEric sharing his mapping program on his phone with Mike.Looking back at the north summitStart of the traverseWesterly viewWe approach the summit blockThey run ahead of the crippleYes, yes, go.the crux, such as it is.