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Created 30-Nov-10
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2010-11-30 | Powderface Ridge (partial) | 2163m | 6.0 km | 566m gain

With many of the byways into Kananaskis closing at midnight tonight it seemed a perfect opportunity to officially welcome winter with a trip to try out my new snowshoes. My initial objective was Moose Mountain but less than halfway up the Moose Mountain road it was heavily drifted and cut up by the oil companies big 4x4’s which were dragging bottom… the van might have made it but failure would have meant spending the day shoveling so I turned back. A quick look at the map along with an assessment of the mounting wind made Powderface Ridge a good option, some shelter in the trees and it is steep enough to give me the workout I was seeking. The trail had been used on the weekend so was easy to follow although I was expecting a touch more snow. Topped out at a high point on the ridge where I observed some sheep cutting across below. I intercepted them on the way down, they crossed my trail only about 25m ahead of me, only then aware of my presence causing them to high-tail it further into the trees. I missed the shot though, the swirling snow I decided, wasn’t very camera friendly.
Always nice to confirm you are where you think you are.Moose mountain (L) and Prairie Mountain (R)Looking up the Elbow ValleyTrying to capture the incoming frontSheep just to the left of the little ridge with the blowing snowSheep.  Not far from here they cut right in front of me.