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Created 2-May-17
Modified 7-May-17
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2017-04-29 | Dog Lake | 1275 max | 1132 TH | 7.5km | 204 TA | w/ Mike and Becky

Mike and Becky were weekending at the Castle mountain hostel and invited me to go hiking with them. In order to avoid snow we headed toward Radium and chose a short hike, Dog Lake, to put boots to something that wasn't snowy and frozen. Dog Lake was scenic, we watched an osprey fish for a while. Somehow in the drizzly often overcast day we looped around and all three of us were surprized to see the river appear on our right. Map and compass and some puzzling. That seldom happens - guess we were busy chatting and scaring up grouse. In any event, a lunch by the river and off to the Radium hot springs where we all managed to get sunburns. Good day!
Dog Lake and if you look closely top left of center, you can see the osprey.MIke and Becky